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“I’ve never felt so good! I’m fitter, stronger and look better in clothes than I have done in years!”

Tracey-BeforeTracey-AfterI was nervous about working with a personal trainer, I had a moderate level of fitness but what if I wasn’t fit or strong enough to cope with the program. I needn’t have worried, working with Emma has been fantastic.
She tailored the program around me, taking account of my personal fitness goals and existing injuries. Each week was different from the one before, and with Emma’s encouragement I was amazed at how quickly my level of fitness improved.
Emma also provided nutritional advice. She helped me identify things I was eating that were undoing the good work I was putting in at the gym and helped me change my eating habits for the better.
I’ve enjoyed every session with Emma, we’ve laughed our way through the program and I can honestly say, not only has it been fun but working with her is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Getting back into a dress I’ve had for 21 years made all the effort worthwhile. I’m looking forward to Christmas parties this year, no more looking for clothes to hide my lumps and bumps.

This year I can wear that sexy little black dress!

Tracey, Product Manager.

Cesca for website“After training with Emma for only 8 weeks I can see a huge improvement in my strength and fitness.”

“Emma’s nutritional advice and tailored programme have really helped me to adopt a healthier and focused attitude to training and given me loads of great ideas for keeping the momentum up in between my sessions. Every session with Emma is different from the last and she has helped me to make great progress towards my fitness goals, even through recovery from an injury.”

Francesca, Case Advisor.

“My strength in both my legs and arms increased substantially and I definitely feel more toned, especially in my abs.”

IMG_20150323_140247044“I have always been into sports and been a regular user of gyms, but before I worked with Emma, I was always unsure about how to use the gym to its maximum potential. I would simply go to the gym and do a bit of a run on the treadmill and then feel lost as to where to go next, which meant I wasn’t getting what I really wanted out of going to the gym. When I saw advertisements about personal training at the gym I was interested by the idea of it, but I have always associated personal training with big muscly men and that put me off, as I didn’t want to turn into a big muscly woman!

However, when I decided to join the ‘The Toned Body Project’ training program with Emma for 12 weeks, all my perceptions of personal training changed. Emma made sure that she shaped the sessions to suit my wants and needs, which were to become more toned and work on building strength in my legs and arms. Each week the sessions would get slightly harder and, while always pushing me to my limit, would never work me beyond my limit (which was one of my worries about joining a personal training program). She also ensured that I learnt lots of new exercises using all the different equipment in the gym. While the idea of exercising never overjoyed me, Emma made it an enjoyable experience by being so friendly and attentive.

Now I have finished my personal training program I feel fully equipped to go to the gym on my own and make maximum use of the facilities. My strength in both my legs and arms increased substantially and I definitely feel more toned, especially in my abs. However, the best result I have got from working with Emma is gaining the knowledge of how to exercise effectively on my own to gain the results I want in the future.

Tilly, Student.

“Since working with Emma I feel so much stronger and now actually look forward to going to the gym!

female personal trainer manchester

“Before I started working with Emma I was pretty clueless about what to do in the gym. I stuck to the cardio machines as I had no idea how to use weights!

I wanted to develop my strength as my job involves quite a lot of moving and handling, but I had no idea where to start.

I was a bit apprehensive about working with a personal trainer at first because I had no idea what to expect, but Emma put me at ease! She was always encouraging and patient. Her workouts were always varied and I began to enjoy working out rather than finding it a chore.

Since working with Emma I feel so much stronger and now actually look forward to going to the gym! I feel confident that I can continue to meet my fitness goals thanks to the help and support Emma has given me.”

Cara, Healthcare assistant. 

“I feel so energized and happy.”

Irena close up 19.03.15 - CopyI have been going to the gym regularly for 18 months, and although my fitness levels have improved I had not seen much improvement in my body shape. With a big “Birthday” looming I thought why not give a Personal trainer a go?

Working with Emma was fantastic, she was very upbeat and showed me what my true potential was, and just how much more I was capable of and achieve. Having spent my first month with Emma I lost weight, and inches in all areas.



“Training with Emma has been very enjoyable and has certainly made me fitter and stronger.”


“I have always had a keen interest in keeping fit and going to the gym regularly. However, I was beginning to feel demotivated and uninspired by the standard gym equipment and wanted to bring variety to my workout. Working with Emma twice a week really gave me this variety I was looking for. Training sessions were always really organised and each training session was motivational as Emma would not only encourage you but also try out different fitness exercises to vary the workouts. The new exercises I have learnt I ow practice in my own workouts.

Emma, Student.




“The best result I got from working with Emma was my health.”

I was at an all time low with my overall well being. My health was not in the best condition and my fitness was at an all time low, I had never felt so unfit!

The only reservation I had about working with a personal trainer was nerves. Nervous of what would be expected of me and nervous of not meeting those expectations.

However Emma is AWESOME! Her personality and enthusiasm shines through in each session. She gives the confidence to keep pushing even when you think you can’t. Not only is it great when you have you sessions and you walk out of the gym feeling great, but knowing that you can email at any time with questions you may have and she will always be there to give advice. Emma is not only a Personal Trainer but also a friend who wants to see you succeed!

The best result I got from working with Emma was my health. Before I started with Emma I was unfit but now, I am able to run distances I couldn’t before, be on the treadmill and feel like I can keep running or get on the rower and not feel immediately tired. From feeling like that, that has then given me confidence, confidence I never had before and that feeling is AMAZING!



“My quality of life is much better as I am pain-free in my arthritic hip – a wonderful result.”

I’d been looking for a kick start to get more exercise into my life & when my daughter noticed Emma’s advertising poster in our nearby local authority gym she suggested I go to see her.
Emma has all the qualities & skills I was looking for in a Personal Trainer; knowledgeable, responsive & very friendly. She immediately put me at ease & carefully checked out my goals – this reassured me a lot that I wasn’t going to be asked to do anything beyond my capabilities.
She helped me learn sequences of simple tailor-made exercises that strengthened specific areas & which I can now easily replicate regularly at home.
She enabled me to work out what small pieces of equipment I needed at home & helped me obtain them.
Due to Emma’s gentle & very positive support I now feel confident to exercise in ways that benefit my agility & core strength.
I even feel happy using equipment in the gym – never having been inside one, now, at the age of 62 I feel comfortable doing so – truly empowered.
My quality of life is much better as I am pain-free in my arthritic hip – a wonderful result.
Thank you very much indeed Emma for your generous & effective support – I’ll certainly be recommending your wonderful services to others.